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2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, Devils Vs. Kings: Lou Lamoriello Press Conference

The architect of the New Jersey Devils, general manager Lou Lamoriello, said Tuesday during the media day festivities for the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Devils and Los Angeles Kings he realized halfway through the season that this New Jersey team could be special.

“You like to think every team you ever have has a chance. I don’t think we ever did until halfway through the year,” Lamoriello said. “Anytime we had any adversity, came out of it quickly, no looking back. It’s probably one of the best teams we’ve had as far as chemistry.”

Here are some of Lamoriello’s other thoughts on the eve of the Stanley Cup Finals.

On being underdogs to the Kings …

“I don’t think it matters. You want to come in any way. Don’t be choosy.
I don’t think it matters. We think we’re favored every night we go into a game. If we don’t think like that, we shouldn’t go into the game.”

On first-year coach Peter DeBoer …

“I knew he was a very hard coach on his players because he didn’t want to accept anything but the best out of them. That to me was a positive for me because he might have wanted success, maybe didn’t have the talent to get there. … He’s done a fantastic job.”

On goaltender Martin Brodeur …

“Marty is an unflappable person. He has a personality that never looks back. He loves the game. He plays it because he loves it. He works at it. He’s changed his game accordingly to the way the style is. He’s a student.”