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NBC's Paul McGuire Overhears Shouting Match Between John Tortorella And Peter DeBoer

John Tortorella and Peter DeBoer shirked away from discussing what they said to each other during Monday night's shouting match in the third period of Game 4 between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. Fortunately, NBC's Paul McGuire happened to be perfectly positioned between the two benches. McGuire didn't reveal exactly what the coaches said when he talked with the New York Times on Tuesday, though he did admit that the language was less than clean.

"In 30 or 35 seconds, you can say a lot if you're not worried about syntax," McGuire said.

Perhaps surprisingly, McGuire said that the vitriol was not as bad as it appeared on television. In his words, "it was an American versus a Canadian, two guys venting."

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