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ANIMATED: Devils Anton Volchenkov Body Slammed By Panthers Sean Bergenheim

The New Jersey Devils have looked out-of-sorts Tuesday night in Game 3 against the Florida Panthers. Coming close to the end of regulation, they are in danger of going down 2-1 in their opening 2012 NHL Playoff series after giving up four straight goals to the Panthers.

The did have a chance early in the third period to take advantage of a powerplay. Unfortunately they couldn't put the puck in the net, but the penalty is worth watching from a comedy perspective. Anton Volchenkov went to check Sean Bergenheim against the boards in the corner of the ice, but apparently bit off more than he could chew and was knocked backwards by his own blow. Bergenheim then turned around and, forgetting what sport he was playing, laid a body slam on Volchenkov worthy of Wrestlemania.

Check out the GIF after the jump.


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