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Martin Brodeur Knee Injury: How Long Will It Sideline Him?

Martin Brodeur will not be in net tonight when the New Jersey Devils face the Carolina Hurricanes in a game they need to win to keep their barely flickering NJHL playoff hopes alive. SB Nation New York told you that earlier. The question now is how long the 39-year-old goalkeeper will be sidelined.

Devils General Manager Lou Lamoriello is calling the injury a "non-operable knee sprain" and saying Brodeur's status is "day-to-day."

"It’s a day-to-day rehab situation," Lamoriello said. "When it (his rehab) gets to the point where his knee is better, it will be up to Marty and the doctor to decide (when he’ll play)."

Puck Daddy isn't so sure that Lamoriello is being honest about the severity of Brodeur's ailment.

The way GM Lou "Status Quo" Lamoriello remains tight-lipped on all matters has been a running joke amongst New Jersey Devils fans. This is especially the case when it comes to star goaltender Martin Brodeur's health, as Lamoriello will call a given injury "just a bruise" and then it turns out Marty needs an artificial leg.

The injury to Brodeur comes at a bad time for the Devils. They are in the midst of a two-week stretch that will determine whether or not they have a real shot at the NHL playoffs. Missing Brodeur won't help.

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