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Vanderbeek Will Not Sell Controlling Interest In Devils

New Jersey Devils majority owner Jeff Vanderbeek has no plans to sell his controlling interest in the franchise.

But one partner wants out.

"As Managing Member of the New Jersey Devils, it is not my desire to sell the team," Vanderbeek told the media in a statement. "My partner, Brick City, and I have different visions for the franchise. While Brick City has a right, under our partnership agreement, to explore a sale and Moag and Co. has been retained to assist in these efforts, I anticipate maintaining a controlling interest."

Brick City is co-owned by Mike Gilfillan and his father-in-law, Ray Chambers. Chambers was instrumental in getting the Devils an arena in Newark. Gifillan currently operates Brick City Hockey LLC.

Vanderbeek controls 50 percent of the team, so any sale of Brick City's stock will not affect his ownership. Vanderbeek can choose to buy either part or all of Brick City's shares.

Co-owner Peter Simon will maintain his share of the team, a source told Tom Gulitti of The Bergen Record.

This isn't the first battle between Vanderbeek and Brick City. In 2009, the NHL stepped in and smoothed over tension between both parties.