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NHL Power Rankings 2011 Week 3: Islanders Still Ahead of Devils, Rangers

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The New York Islanders are once again the top-ranked regional team in this week's aggregated NHL Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports. The Islanders (3-3) are No. 14 this week, New Jersey (3-2-1) is No. 16 and the Rangers (3-2-2) are dragging up the rear among the locals at No. 20.

RCS aggregates rankings from eight of the top NHL media sources on the Internet to come up with its overall ranking.

The Islanders are ranked as high as No. 11 by TSN and as low as No. 20 by Sports Illustrated. The Devils got 14th-place votes from CBS Sports and ESPN, and were placed at No. 22 by TSN. The Rangers got a 14th-place vote from Sports Illustrated, but were No. 24 according to CBS.

The Devils and Islanders are in action Tuesday night. The Rangers play at Madison Square Garden for the first time this season on Thursday.

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