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NHL Power Rankings, Week 4: New Jersey Devils Worst In The East has released its Power Rankings for Week 4 of the NHL season, and it's not good news for the New Jersey Devils. New Jersey is ranked last in the Eastern Conference, in polling which took place prior to the Devils defeating Chicago Wednesday night.

Here is what SB Nation pollsters had to say about the Eastern Conference's 15th-ranked team.

As if things weren't bad enough, Zach Parise will miss three months after knee surgery. Will the Devils be in the race when he returns?

The New York Islanders fell from No. 6 to No. 12 in the latest rankings.

Four straight losses, of which in two the Isles were held to just a goal. That's enough for a six position plummet.

The New York Rangers moved up one spot, from seventh to sixth.

The sky is falling in New York. No, really. It is.

In the Eastern Conference, Tampa Bay is No. 1 and Philadelphia No. 2. In the Western Conference, the Detroit Red Wings are No. 1 and the Los Angeles Kings No. 2.