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Martin Brodeur Expects To Play Friday After Elbow Injury

Martin Brodeur gave the New Jersey Devils a scare Wednesday when he had to leave a 5-3 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks with an elbow injury. Brodeur, however, does not expect to miss any time.

Brodeur has experienced this injury before.

"I just kind of got a stinger," he explained. "I never saw the shot from Kane. It kind of hit me, not in the funny bone but on the bone where all the nerves are connected.

"It (the pain) went away but when I grabbed my stick to make a play behind the net, I didn’t have any strength to hold the stick."

Can he play Friday night?

"From past experience it takes me a couple of days to feel 100 percent," Brodeur said. "We’ll see how this reacts. I’m pretty sure (he can play against the Rangers)."

Finally, some good news for the 4-9-1 Devils. A victory over the defending Stanley Cup champions and an injury that won't have long-term ramifications. New Jersey has had plenty of those. The last thing they need as they try to dig out of the early-season hole they have created is to be without their future Hall of Fame goalkeeper for an extended period of time.