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Isles Relieved, Devils Wondering When Things Will Get Better

The reactions to the New York Islanders’ 2-0 victory over the New Jersey Devils, which snapped the Islanders’ 14-game winless streak, differed vastly in the two locker rooms Friday.

In the Islanders’ locker room there was relief after their first victory since Oct. 21.

“It’s like a big weight was taken off our shoulders,” Islanders center John Tavares said. "It was a great job by the penalty killers, and a great job by Ricky [DiPietro].

For the 7-14-2 Devils, the loss was another blight on what has been a miserable season thus far. Even Devils coach John MacLean has begun to wonder if his team will overcome its awful start to the season.

“Definitely, you do,” MacLean said. "You have to, with the record you’ve got.

It bothers me, just the way we lost. I’m not going to disparage the Islanders," MacLean said. “It’s totally disappointing. You would think we have guys who have been through this before and would pick it up.”