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King Henrik mask auctioned off for $66,000

The mask worn by Henrik Lundqvist during the Operation Hat Trick charity game generated a final bid of $66,000.

New York Knicks top NBA merchandise sales list

The New York Knicks have sold the most merchandise of any other NBA team.

Nets remain in top-10 of power ranking polls

A cumulative look at where the Brooklyn Nets rank in this week's power ranking polls. Do you agree with the rankings?

How far have the Knicks dropped in the rankings?

A cumulative at where the New York Knicks rank in this week's power polls. Do you agree with the rankings?

Nets to host Clippers on Friday night

The Brooklyn Nets will look to snap a two-game losing streak against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night.

Rutgers, Syracuse in action this weekend

A look at this weekend's slate of college football games.

Giants remain in top-10 in the majority of polls

The New York Giants remained in the top-10 of the majority of power ranking polls.

Rutgers earns top-20 spot in BlogPoll

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights received a top-20 ranking in this week's installment of BlogPoll. Do you agree with their placement?

Brooklyn on the rise in power polls

The Nets are moving up in the majority of power polls.

Knicks remain in top 3 in power ranking and polls

The New York Knicks reamin in the top three of national power rankings and polls.