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Jay King is a Newsdesk Contributor in SB Nation's East regional sites. He also edits the blog Celtics Town and contributes on a freelance basis to a handful of other publications. He often, and quite annoyingly, discusses the one time he dunked a basketball, but there don't seem to be any other witnesses. At age 14, Jay thought he would play professional basketball one day. Unfortunately, he spent the next six years discovering how the NBA is not the place for slow, 6'1 toothpicks with no ball-handling skills and zero defensive abilities to speak of. Think of him as a slower Eddie House with an exponentially less accurate jump shot. After learning that his heart far outweighed his athletic ability, Jay turned to sports writing instead. His playing days in the past, Jay will still always have that one dunk. Even if nobody else remembers it.

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The Nets have re-signed veteran forward Gerald Wallace, who was acquired in a trade with the Portland Trail Blazers last season

Dwight Howard Trade Rumors 2012: Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic Re-Engage In Discussions, According To Report

The Dwight Howard saga continued on Wednesday, when the Orlando Magic reportedly re-engaged in trade discussions with the Brooklyn Nets.

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Jeremy Lin denied being unhappy with the New York Knicks for the way they treated him during NBA free agency.

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