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Howard Megdal is the Editor-in-Chief of The Perpetual Post. He covers baseball and basketball for,, New York Baseball Digest and has written for, The New York Times and as numerous other publications. His book about Jewish baseball players, "The Baseball Talmud," is available for purchase on and wherever books are sold. Howard co-hosts the radio program New York Baseball Digest with Mike Silva; Podcasts are available on iTunes. He has been a guest on a number of radio stations, including WFAN and WVOX. Howard's is the Poet Laureate for You can reach Howard at

Wilpon's Comments: Long-Term, It Doesn't Matter

What Fred Wilpon told The New Yorker doesn't matter. It matters like a team that is 20 games out needs to set a postseason rotation. It matters like a guy on The Titanic needed to figure out how to survive The Great Depression. It mattered like calling the right play for the Washington Generals matters.

Sell High On Beltran? Never

In the abstract, it makes perfect sense. An outfielder, one year removed from a .915 OPS, is available in the late rounds of a fantasy draft. You draft him, he gets off to a strong start. There are multiple fans of his team in your league. And he has a chronic knee condition likely to flare up any day.

The Knicks: No Longer A Worrying Thing?

A strange feeling appears to be emerging about the New York Knicks: confidence about the team's future.

Knicks So Far: Dayenu!

There will come a time, I'm sure, when seeing the Knicks lose two perfectly winnable playoff games in succession will infuriate. Someday, and perhaps soon, late-game mistakes and opponent heroics will lead to despair. And seeing the Knicks merely compete against the hated Celtics will not feel like any kind of victory. But for me, right now, this has been enough. So far, I have enjoyed the hell out of these NBA Playoffs.

21 Years Of Waiting Is Over

It seems impossible to believe now, but it has been 21 years since the New York Knicks faced the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs. Seems so, but a closer examination reveals that time didn't stand still for me, either.

Dwayne De Rosario Is My Router

And now, a metaphor for our tech-savvy crowd. For years, I had faulty wireless routers. Perhaps the fault was mine; I would purchase them directly from Fisher-Price. So I had a strong cable modem, new computers, but my home network sputtered and made noises one associates with Jack Benny's car.

Playing 20 Questions With The Yankees

Will Jeter recover? Will A-Rod be great? Will A.J.'s ERA hover At right around eight? Will Mo ever tire? Will Hughes ever learn? Will Andy unretire If starters crash and then burn?

A Capital Problem For Red Bulls?

The Red Bulls started their season on a positive not Saturday, defeating Seattle 1-0 in the opener for New York. But a bit to the south, D.C. United served notice that it will not be the pushover it was last year, winning just six times.

Notes From Red Bulls Media Day

11 Big East Teams: What To Expect In NCAA Tournament

As you may have heard by now, the Big East has 11 teams in the NCAA Tournament, while the previous record for entrants from a single conference stood at just eight. A less-discussed aspect of this feat is that none of the Big East entrants qualified as "last four in", meaning that even without an expansion of the field to 68 this tear, the Big East still would have 11 representatives. Pretty impressive stuff.