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I am currently a senior at the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and an Arizona native born and raised. My one true love is the Denver Broncos. To share my devotion, I may or may not have built a Helga Pataki-esque shrine of John Elway from chewed bubblegum. And that may or may not be the reason he has a restraining order against me. Beyond that, I’m an obsessive pop culture nerd whose head is crammed full of too much useless information to keep track of. About 78% of what comes out of my mouth is recycled from a movie or television show somewhere. Someday, I hope to be either a sports columnist or screen writer. Or a space cowboy. I haven’t decided yet.

Rutgers falls out of AP Top 25

The Rutgers are no longer getting Top 25 consideration from the Associated Press after losing their second game of the season Saturday to Pittsburgh.

Jets CB Aaron Berry expects to be 'alright'

If Aaron Berry knows his body as well as he hopes, then the Jets may have dodged another blow to their already injury-ravaged secondary.