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Hi, I'm Chris. I play the accordion and enjoy watching terrible sports teams. I was born in Colorado to parents from the boonies of Upstate NY. I was mostly an upstate NY sports kid before the Rockies, Rapids and Avalanche came to Denver. That has left me cheering for colorful selection of sports teams, all of which are terrible. I used to run Burgundy Wave because there was nobody else on the internet willing to start a Rapids blog in mid-2010 and I'm still amazed I found someone to take it over from me.

NFL injury report: Jets lose Lankster

Ellis Lankster was knocked out of New York's game against the Chargers with a concussion.

Knicks face Lakers on Christmas

The Lakers and Knicks will tip off on Christmas Day as Mike D'Antoni tries to get his first win over his old team.

Nets, Celtics tip off Christmas Day NBA action

The Celtics and Nets will start Christmas Day action in the NBA when they tip off at noon at the Barclays Center.