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If you're looking for sports commentary with an original, witty take I'm your guy. I'm also the official gatekeeper of The Cerebral Sportex, the unexplored and recently discovered region of the brain which processes sports knowledge and information. I love the NBA, NFL, college basketball and even the BCS but if there is life on other planets, I propose a four-world playoff to determine the universal champion.

Mariano Rivera's Injury & What It Says About The Yankees Age Crisis

Mariano Rivera's career may be over after the 42-year-old, record-setting closer tore his ACL but it also reveals the Yankees problem; an aging nucleus of position players and an awful pitching rotation

How Do New York Sports Figures Compare To DC And Marvel Superheroes?

How New York's most popular athletes compare to our favorite superheroes.

The Disappointing Decline of Amare Stoudemire

Amare Stoudemire's hand injury won't derail his career but it's symbolic of the frustrating season he has endured on and off the court. More importantly, the question has to be asked will he produce at an All-Star level ever again?

Will The Dormant Lebron-Carmelo Rivalry Finally Blossom?

Eight years ago, Lebron and Anthony were drafted with lofty expectations. Not only were they expected to bring championships to their respective cities but they were also expected to develop a rivalry that equalled Magic vs. Bird. After eight years and 15 ho-hum matchups they'll finally meet in meaningful playoff games. Can they finally deliver on the hype?

Final Duns(TEN) Observations on the Knicks Regular Season

As the playoffs approach here are some final observations from the Knicks regular season.

Would Knicks Rather Run With Bulls or Sit in Heat's Hot Seat?

Pros & Cons of the Knicks Potential First Round Matchups Against the Heat or Bulls

Top (Duns)TEN Observations From Knicks Win Over Hawks

Ten Observations from the Knicks win over the Hawks on Sunday afternoon.

Disappointing Duo of Amare and Carmelo Lead Knicks To Disappointing Loss

An deflating loss in Amare Stoudemire's return to the starting lineup leaves the Knicks searching for answers, again.

Can The Knicks Imitate The 2011 Dallas Mavericks?

A few weeks ago that seemed impossible. Now? Unlikely, but not impossible.

Tim Tebow Is Not A Starting Quarterback, He's A Closer

The New York Jets offseason program begins today, which means Mark Sanchez will begin feeling the pressure from backup Tim Tebow. However, Jets fans shouldn't expect Tebow to save the Jets or even become the starter. Here's why Tebow may be the Jets' Mariano Rivera.