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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Giants could find solid value in Tank Carradine

Could the New York Giants take a chance on Tank Carradine, who might be the most skilled pass rusher in the draft, but has some injury concerns?


The New York Giants have made it "their thing" to get hot near the end of the regular season, surge into the playoffs, and make big things happen. It's actually worked out for them a couple times in recent years, but last season, it certainly did not. Instead, the Washington Redskins surged forward with Robert Griffin III at quarterback and made it in to represent the NFC East.

Now, the Giants will go back to the drawing board. They have a late pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft, though they do pick before all of the playoff teams. Their pick is at No. 19, and they should have plenty of options on how to burn the pick.

Matthew Fairburn put the latest SB Nation mock draft on Monday and he has the Giants taking Tank Carradine, the defensive end out of Florida State, with the No. 19 pick.

Tank Carradine will be the buzz of April if he manages to work out for scouts before the draft. Prior to his injury, he was the best pass rusher in this draft class, but the torn ACL will cause him to drop.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with Carradine over the course of the next month. If he is able to be healthy, then going by his talent, he could be considered an absolute steal going at the 19th pick of the first round. Were it not for his ACL injury, Carradine could easily have been a top 10 or even top five pick come April.

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