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NCAA Selection Sunday 2013: TV schedule, start time, live stream and more

It's Selection Sunday! Find out who's going where as the college basketball postseason is set tonight at 6 p.m.


Somewhere in Indianapolis, ten guys with a lot of sheets of paper in front of them know who is going to make the NCAA tournament, where they're playing and who they're playing against. Sure, all the games aren't over, but they've already decided who goes where based on how the final four tournament championship games - the Big Ten, SEC, A-10, and ACC - will turn out. It's actually not that hard a task considering all of those teams are basically guaranteed to make the NCAA tournament.

But you don't know that stuff. And the 27 teams that have already qualified with automatic bids don't know who they'll play. And the 33 teams not playing today hoping for at-large bids don't know whether or not they'll be selected. And the 15 or so bubble teams that won't get selected who are hoping to hear their names called don't know that their hopes are about to get crushed.

But that's all over soon. The selection show is at 6 p.m. on CBS, and by the end of the show, all 68 spots will be revealed.

Wondering which teams are on the right side of the bubble? Here's SB Nation's Bracketology StoryStream, and here's SB Nation's March Madness hub which has full coverage of the whole process. The selection show will be streamed here, via the NCAA's March Madness Live. And it's available via mobile by using an iTunes March Madness Live app available here.

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