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Nets trade rumors: Josh Smith talks heat up, but is he worth it?

The Nets appear to be the frontrunners for Josh Smith as other teams have fallen out of contention for the big man's services.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets have been actively trying to improve their roster since moving to Brooklyn, and they are hoping to acquire another piece for their frontcourt before the NBA's Thursday trade deadline. The Nets appear to be offering Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, with either a first-round pick or the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic, according to Nets Daily. That's a big price for Smith. Does his performance warrant that?

Smith is currently having one of his poorest seasons in the NBA. He is using fewer possessions than last year, but his offensive rating has dropped from 101 to 96. He is posting his highest turnover percentage since 2007-08, contributing to his PER drop from 21.1 to 17.8. This would be something for the Nets to consider as they could potentially be handing out a max contract in the offseason to Smith. He is at the age where NBA players are typically in their prime, but his stats aren't measuring up.

As for what Brooklyn would be giving up, Humphries may not be the offensive threat that Smith is, but he is a far superior rebounder (grabs a quarter of the defensive boards when he is on the floor). Humphries has also contributed nearly as many win shares (2.1) as Smith as (2.7) in just about half the minutes.

Dumping Brooks would hardly be an issue, and may actually be beneficial to the Nets. If Brooklyn were to bring Smith on board, they would have to hope he can return to past effectiveness when reunited with Joe Johnson.