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Tim Tebow, Jets Ready To Unleash The Wildcat

Though still shrouded in mystery, it is expected that the New York Jets will employ their version of the Wildcat offense with quarterback Tim Tebow at the controls beginning in Week 1 on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

As anticipation heightens for just how Tebow will be utilized, the quarterback says he will know when a Wildcat play is about to be implemented at the same time as everyone else.

"It's basically whenever Coach Sparano calls them. We have to have the capability to go out there and run it," Tebow said. "Maybe they'll let me know more of what they think by the end of this week. But as of right now, you just have to be ready. Whenever (they) feel we should do some of this, we'll do it. If it's one play, five plays, whatever it is, who knows.

"I just want to be able to help anyway I can. Hopefully, I'm able to do something to help this team win football games."

When asked if he knew, specifically, when he's expected to go in, Tebow said, "When they say, "Hey, go in."

Tebow was also asked about the relatively-low expectations hovering over the Jets heading into their season opener.

"We don't have to answer that with words. We just have to go out there and try to play a good game," Tebow said. "We're excited about it. It's our opener. We only get one a year, so we better make the most of it."

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