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New York Knicks Unveil New Uniforms

The New York Knicks made headlines on Wednesday morning, unveiling new uniforms that will be worn at the start of the 2012 NBA season and into the future.

Amare Stoudemire joined Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on the program 'Live!' to show off the new look, which can be seen here.

In fact, the new design looks very much like the uniform that was worn back in the heyday of the franchise by greats such as Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing. While the general look of the uniform has stayed the same, the differences are noticeable.

The first thing most people will see is the removal of the side striping and any black on both the home or away set, something that was introduced in the late 1990's. While the stripes were passable, many felt it clogged up the jersey a bit.

Another change is the addition of silver to the neckline. It's hard to see from a distance, but up close you can view a silver stripe in the collar and on the shoulder stripes. Speaking of the trim around the shoulder, it doesn't go all the way around the jersey but stops before going underneath the arm.

Finally, the last tweak is the logo above the players' last name. Instead of the "NYK" that has been there since 2002, the Knicks have shown a little ode to their heritage by putting the old 1970's logo in that space (it's also their alternate logo as well).

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