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Tim Tebow time? Rex Ryan says no to Tebowmania

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan says Tim Tebow will not be replacing Mark Sanchez as the team's starting quarterback.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Tim Tebow threw his first pass Sunday as a member of the New York Jets -- a completion. During a 34-0 loss by the Jets to the San Francisco 49ers our first calls for Tebow to replace Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

Jets' coach Rex Ryan is not listening, however. Despite the lopsided loss and a miserable 13-of-29 for 103 yards and an interception performance from Sanchez, Ryan has no plans to make a change at quarterback for the 2-2 Jets

."I'm not ready to make a quarterback change," Ryan said. "Obviously we've got to get better play at quarterback and we got to get better play at a lot of things. You look at yourself first and there's things we clearly all need to do.

"Mark's the answer at quarterback."

Sanchez' passer rating for the day was an atrocious 39.9. opined that "If Sanchez is the answer, there needs to be a better question."

There never really was any question this day would come, the only thing no one knew was when. Well, the time for the Tebow calls has now arrived in full force.