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Yankees vs. Blue Jays: Curtis Granderson rips pitcher's glove off, still lines out

Curtis Granderson hit a ball so hard that it ripped off the glove of Toronto pitcher Curtis Jenkins. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to get on base and drive his teammate home.

The Yankees are facing the Blue Jays with division title hopes on the line, and Granderson came to the plate in the top of the first with Nick Swisher on second. He made contact and had to feel good. Then this happened:


That's Jenkins' glove flying off, then dropping right back in his hands.

Even with the missed opportunity, the Yankees still lead the Blue Jays, 3-0, in the second inning. NIck Swisher drove in two runs with a double in the first inning and the Yankees got their third run when Derek Jeter grounded into a double play to bring in Raul Ibanez.

New York looks to stay in first place by themselves, as the Orioles are blowing out the Red Sox.