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Jimmy Hoffa search: An end to the Meadowlands legend?

Could authorities finally put the urban legend that Jimmy Hoffa is buried beneath the old Giants Stadium to rest some time on Friday? Maybe? Workers are digging beneath a Roseville, MI. shed today, a spot where a man has claimed he saw the formers Teamsters boss being buried in 1975.

For many years, of course, legend has it that Hoffa was buried under one of the end zones at the old Giants Stadium. The building, which was right next to where MetLife Stadium now stands, was demolished shortly after the new stadium was constructed.

According to, the spot where the stadium once stood is now under 13 feet of concrete.

5-10 In Search Of... Jimmy Hoffa (Part 1 of 2) (via beautystruck) has a chronology of events in the disappearance and search for Hoffa. Could we learn once and for all today that Hoffa is not under all that Meadowlands concrete?