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The Question Of The Week: Which Yankees pitcher do you want on the mound for a do-or-die playoff game?

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Jason Szenes - Getty Images

CC Sabathia is the ace of the New York Yankees, and he pitched like it in his last start, in Friday's 2-1 win over the Oakland A's, when he threw eight shutout innings, striking out 11. Hiroki Kuroda has been the most consistent Yankee starter in 2012, and he leads the rotation in ERA (3.34) and WHIP (1.13) among Yankee pitchers with at least 20 starts. And Andy Pettitte is Old Reliable -- and the 40-year-old is pitching like he did when he was 30, tossing 11 shutout innings in his two starts since coming off the disabled list. If the Yankees' season comes to down to one game -- whether as a wild card or in the postseason -- which starter do you want on the mound? Sabathia, Kuroda or Pettitte?