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Barclays Center: SB Nation gets a tour of new arena

The Brooklyn Nets officially opened the Barclays Center for business recently. SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson and Nilay Patel of The Verge got a tour of the building, which Chip Foley, Barclays Center director technology, called "the most technologically advanced arena to date."

Inside the arena of the future: The Barclays Center (via TheVerge)

The Verge summarizes some of the technological wizardry in the building.

The stadium lives up to its high-tech billing, with free Wi-Fi that's designed to support a packed house full of smartphone-wielding fans, LTE and 3G service from the four major carriers and sponsor MetroPCS, and an app that lets fans order and pay for food from their seats without having to stand in concession lines. There's also 8,000 square feet of LED signage, including a three-story tall 1080p center-hung scoreboard and the highlight feature of the entire stadium: the Oculus, a 360-degree LED marquee that encircles the outer pavilion.