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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Giants Bounce Into Top Five

Both the Giants and Jets moved up this week, but it's Big Blue eying a shot at the top spot.

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The NFL Power Rankings here at SB Nation New York this week look a lot like the new sites across all of SB Nation: a lot of changes! The defending champion New York Giants are finally where many fans believe they belonged all along, while the New York Jets made a small move up, but can't feel good about doing it again with the loss of their best player.

With surprises top to bottom, is there any team completely out of place?

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NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Falcons, Texans Lead On Top, Seahawks Surprise at No. 12 (via sbnation)

1. Houston Texans (LW: 2, 3-0)
- If Matt Schaub keeps his head on his shoulders, this is your Super Bowl favorite.
Next up: vs. No. 30 Titans

2. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 3, 3-0)
- Battle of unbeatens with the Chargers wasn't much of a battle.
Next up: vs. No. 23 Panthers

3. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 10, 2-1)
- Few things were more amazing this season than Torrey Smith's performance in the face of tragedy. True strength.
Next up: vs. No. 32 Browns

4. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 1, 2-1)
- If you are still alive in your knockout pool, you're in a better position than most of us around here.
Next up: at No. 14 Jets

5. New York Giants (LW: 11, 2-1)
- The defending champs don't care about no stinkin' injuries!
Next up: at No. 15 Eagles

6. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 14, 3-0)
- Beat Mike Vick up and down the field. Giants fans approve!
Next up: vs. No. 28 Dolphins

7. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 19, 2-1)
- The crowd gets an assist, but any defense that holds Aaron Rodgers to 12 points needs to be taken seriously (unlike the replacement refs).
Next up: at No. 26 Rams

8. Green Bay Packers (LW: 5, 1-2)
- Can't kill them too much for a game they actually won.
Next up: vs. No. 31 Saints

9. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 21, 2-1)
- The rest of the NFC should sent thank you notes to the Vikings for their blueprint on how to handle the Niners.
Next up: at No. 22 Lions

10. New England Patriots (LW: 4, 1-2)
- After this drop, I'm looking over my shoulder to make sure Bill Belichick isn't coming after me.
Next up: at No. 20 Bills

11. Denver Broncos (LW: 7, 1-2)
- No shame in losing to the best team in the league. More importantly, Peyton Manning took a beating and kept coming back for more.
Next up: vs. No. 25 Raiders

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 6, 1-2)
- Big Ben was amazing. Too bad his teammates can't hold onto the ball.
Next up: vs. No. 15 Eagles

13. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 25, 2-1)
- These young Bengals can run with anyone.
Next up: at No. 29 Jaguars

14. New York Jets (LW: 16, 2-1)
- They may have won the battle Sunday, but they lost the war when Darrelle Revis tore his ACL.
Next up: vs. No. 4 49ers

15. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 8, 2-1)
- Is it time for the Nick Foles era?
Next up: vs. No. 5 Giants

16. Chicago Bears (LW: 20, 2-1)
- Jay Cutler won't pick any more fights if he's allowed to play the Rams a few more times.
Next up: at No. 18 Cowboys

17. San Diego Chargers (LW: 9, 2-1)
- Doors blown off by the Falcons as they proved to be 2-0 frauds.
Next up: at No. 24 Chiefs

18. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 12, 2-1)
- How lucky are The Boys? Romo was in full clutch-Romo mode with four sacks and three turnovers, but they still pulled out a win over the Bucs.
Next up: vs. No. 16 Bears

19. Washington Redskins (LW: 13, 1-2)
- Maybe the defense should show the same passion as offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.
Next up: at No. 21 Buccaneers

20. Buffalo Bills (LW: 26, 2-1)
- Still undecided if wins over the Browns should count.
Next up: vs. No. 10 Patriots

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 17, 1-2)
- Greg Schiano was back at it again on Sunday! Give him this, he sticks to his guns.
Next up: vs. No. 19 Redskins

22. Detroit Lions (LW: 15, 1-2)
- This could turn out to be the most exciting five win team ever.
Next up: vs. No. 9 Vikings

23. Carolina Panthers (LW: 18, 1-2)
- Cam Newton is still celebrating his garbage-time TD.
Next up: at No. 2 Falcons

24. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 31, 1-2)
- In case you forgot, Jamaal Charles is really, really good at football.
Next up: vs. No. 17 Chargers

25. Oakland Raiders (LW: 32, 1-2)
- Seabass' leg saved their season... their next terrible loss.
Next up: at No. 11 Broncos

26. St. Louis Rams (LW: 22, 1-2)
- Gonna be a long year for Jeff Fisher and his hair.
Next up: vs. No. 7 Seahawks

27. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 24, 1-2)
- They won't see many wins this year, but Indy fans will have a lot of fun watching Andrew Luck play.
Next up: vs. No. 8 Packers

28. Miami Dolphins (LW: 28, 1-2)
- Tough for any team when home games are half empty and most of the fans that do show up are cheering for the other team.
Next up: at No. 6 Cardinals

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 30, 1-2)
- Maurice Jones-Drew sure was hurt by that hold out.
Next up: vs. No. 13 Bengals

30. Tennessee Titans (LW: 27, 1-2)
- Jake Locker had more rushing yards than Chris Johnson... on 10 less carries.
Next up: at No. 1 Texans

31. New Orleans Saints (LW: 23, 0-3)
- Keep waiting for Sean Payton to put on the Bobby Valentine mustache and sneak onto the sidelines.
Next up: at No. 8 Packers

32. Cleveland Browns (LW: 29, 0-3)
- Browns should get quite the bounty for the top pick in April's draft.
Next up: at No. 3 Ravens