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Jets Vs. Dolphins 2012: Despite Win, New York Loses Big With Darrelle Revis Injury

The New York Jets overtime victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday was a sloppy affair that had both sides frustrated with the on-field performance. Of course, the Jets at least earned a victory for their effort, which has catapulted them to the top of the AFC East standings, while the Dolphins join the New England Patriots in the cellar.

For Miami, the team had the game in their grasp's but managed to allow the Jets to snatch it away from them, via SB Nation's Dolphins blog The Phinsider:

Early on, the game seemed like it was the Dolphins' game to lose. Unfortunately, they did.

For the Jets, the victory was basically the only thing to be happy about, via SB Nation's Jets blog Gang Green Nation:

That was the single worst game I have ever seen in my life. Yet, we somehow came out with a win. I don't understand how yet, but until I can get the recap up, celebrate that horrible, disgusting win here.

Man, that was ugly.

Unfortunately, it only managed to get uglier for New York as All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis was officially diagnosed with a torn ACL on Monday that will require him to miss the remainder of the 2012 season. For Jets' fans, this is possibly the worst news one could hear as Revis is by-and-far the most important piece of the defense. Now, the team will rely upon Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie to fill the void.

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