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New York Giants Finally Back On Normal Schedule

The New York Giants have had a wacky start to the 2012 NFL season. They played on a Wednesday to open the season, waited 11 days to play their second game on a Sunday, then played their third game four days later on a Thursday. The Giants managed a 2-1 start in all that chaos.

"Whenever they ask us to play, we go play, that's all we know," head coach Tom Coughlin said Monday.

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The Giants are back to Sunday games this week as they have a road game against the Philadelphia Eagles. A Dec. 3 Monday night game against the Washington Redskins is New York's only non-Sunday game the rest of the season.

"This is the routine that we had used prior to (the start of the regular season). It's good to have the weekend for the guys to rest and then bring them back on Monday and have a crisp, short practice and then do a little running at the end. Tomorrow will be the day off for them and then we'll go back at it," Coughlin said.