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Curtis Granderson Injury: New York Yankees' Center Fielder Day-To-Day

The last thing the New York Yankees, fighting to keep their lead in the American League East, need is another injury to a key player. That is why when center fielder Curtis Granderson left Saturday's game against the Baltimore Orioles, there had to be concern.

The news on Granderson, however, appears good From YES Network:

After the Yankees’ 4-3 win over the Orioles on Saturday, the big question was about the health of the Yankees’ slugging centerfielder Curtis Granderson, and whether the injury that sidelined him in the second inning was something to be concerned about. Well Yankee fans got the answer they were looking for when the precautionary MRI taken at New York Presbyterian Hospital was negative for significant damage. There were no signs of any tears, strains or muscular abnormalities.

“They said it was tendinitis where the bone and the joint meet, which causes that area to have tightness from just overuse,” Granderson said after the game. “Absolutely no strain, which was good to hear.”

Granderson went on to say, “The good thing is I didn't feel a pop or a snap or anything like that. Something just didn't feel right and to hear the results that they said it's day-to-day. And as soon as possibly as, probably not tomorrow, but it could possibly be, so that's really good.”

Joe Girardi said that they would have to evaluate Granderson’s condition on Sunday morning to see if he could play in the finale of the three-game Orioles set and that he would be a game time decision.

The Yankees, already without Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Ivan Nova, Mark Teixeira and Mariano Rivers, lead the Baltimore Orioles by three games heading into play on Sunday.