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Mets Manager Terry Collins Defends Ike Davis

Ike Davis wasn't the only person surprised by the report this week the New York Mets would consider trading the first baseman in the offseason due to concerns about his late nights in NYC. Davis' manager, Terry Collins, was quick to defend one of the few players in the lineup that has any power by shooting down the idea there have been talks behind the scenes.

"There's not a coach in that office, not the manager, the front office, that has ever brought up a problem with Ike Davis," Collins told reporters emphatically. "So that is as far from the truth as anything I've ever read."

Collins was quick to point out Davis would not have been able to play in 141 of 147 games this season if he were living it up on the town every night. He also wanted everyone to know just how good of a guy Davis has been during his time with the Mets.

"I don't want this to ever be a defamation on his character. He's a stand-up guy. Matter of fact, speaks the truth above and beyond the need for it."

We shouldn't take Collins backing up his player to mean Davis won't be on the move during the offseason. The same goes for everyone else on a team short on untouchable assets.

"There's not a guy in that clubhouse who can't get traded," Collins added. "Not a guy."

Considering how pathetic nearly every Mets player not named Dickey has been this season, there shouldn't be anyone feeling comfortable. From David Wright to Josh Thole to Josh Edgin, GM Sandy Alderson will take calls on every player currently under contract.

So if anyone does want to stay in New York (not exactly a good thing to assume) they would all be smart to take the advice Collins gave to Davis in a one-on-one meeting after the rumors about him started to spread.

"Play really, really, really hard every day... Finish strong and then give them something to write about. Give them something really positive to write about."

Judging by the complete no-show from this team in the second half, that's not likely, but it's a good message for Davis and the rest of his teammates to take to heart as they finish their final 15 games.