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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees Are No. 6, Says YES

The New York Yankees are scuffling along, trying to hang on and make the 2012 Major League Baseball playoffs. They are still, however, near the top in most MLB power rankings.

At YES Network, the Yankees are No. 6. You can voice your opinion at YES, incidentally, by creating your own power rankings.

ESPN has the Yankees at No.7 and the New York Mets (yes, they still count) at No. 21. Here is what ESPN says about the Yankees:

The Yankees may be turning the corner at exactly the right time. They just took back-to-back series against the Red Sox and Rays, and they'll get Andy Pettitte back Tuesday. With a weak schedule coming up, a trip to October seems likely.

Reality is that nobody cares about the power rankings. They care if the Yankees make the playoffs or not. As play open Tuesday with Andy Pettitte set to return for New York the Yankees lead the Baltimore Orioles by a half-game in the American League East.