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Tom Coughlin: Giants Coach Reacts To Victory

The New York Giants pulled out a wild victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2, winning 41-34, as Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks all had monster days. Coach Tom Coughlin wasn't thrilled with how the team played, but was proud of the way his players never quit and kept battling for four quarters.

Coughlin addressed the media following Sunday's win and touched on multiple topics. SB Nation's Giants blog Big Blue View was at the press conference and grabbed a couple of key quotes.

On the controversial final play of the game, which some considered dirty:

Q: The NFL said there were no infractions on the last play of the game. Do you expect to take or request any more action?

A: It's up to the NFL. I said what I said and I believe it to be accurate with regards to the number of years that I've been in this league and I've said my piece about it.

Q: Did anybody get injured on that play?

A: I don't have anything. Sometimes the next morning, you do get some people who come in that didn't have issues the day before and so we'll wait and see on that as well.

On Ahmad Bradshaw's injury and the play of Andre Brown:

Q: If Bradshaw can't go against the Panthers, will you have Brown as the starter?

A: I don't know that yet. We'll just have to see where we are on that.

Q: What did Brown show you yesterday?

A: He did well. He did well for a guy that thought his role was basically going to be special teams. He played and played well and he was involved in some pass protection opportunities and did pretty well with that. There may have been one that wasn't quite as well done, but he ran hard, he ran fast, he really had a chance to break a couple. I thought maybe he was coming out there with one of them and he caught the ball out of the backfield well and knew to get north and south and took care of the ball and I think for the first time he's had that kind of exposure and play time, I thought he came through it well.

Finally, Coughlin discussed the significance of getting the team its first win while playing in a strong division:

Q: Can you talk about the importance of getting out of yesterday with a 1-1 record?

A: Each game is so critically important to you. If you look at our division, which is where we always go, three teams are now 1-1 and the Eagles are 2-0 and that's the primary thing, is to be able to stay right with the pack and keep yourself in the ball game in terms of that. If you win, that's a great thing. If you lose, you're scrambling, and I wouldn't go into detail on the 0-2 because we're 1-1.

For more on the Giants throughout the season, be sure to check out Big Blue View.