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Jets Vs. Steelers 2012: Jets Fans Go From High To Low Following Week 2 Loss

After an impressive opening weekend victory against the Buffalo Bills, Jets fans came down to earth a bit as the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated New York, 27-10. Many fans are over-reacting to the loss, and the NY media doesn't usually help matters at all.

The writers at SB Nation's Jets blog, Gang Green Nation, took a step back and looked at things a little more pragmatically than most, as you can see by their post-game reaction. The last sentence of the article sums their point up nicely:

It's a long season. If you want to say you are concerned by some things you have seen, and the Jets need to correct them, I will agree with you. But there is time to fix what is wrong, and there are still some good things we can take from the first two weeks.

The Jets will have their chance to rebound next Sunday as they head south to Miami to face the 1-1 Dolphins. The game will kick off at 1 p.m. ET and can be seen on CBS.

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