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New Jersey Devils Star Ilya Kovalchuk Signs With SKA St. Petersburg

The NHL locked out it's players when a new CBA was not agreed to by Saturday night, and many NHL stars will likely play in other leagues to stay in shape and earn a paycheck while there is no NHL. New Jersey Devils star Ilya Kovalchuk will be doing just that, as Kovalchuk has agreed a deal to join SKA St. Petersburg while the NHL is locked out. Kovalchuk will officially join the KHL outfit on Sept 18.

Kovalchuk has spent the past two and a half seasons with the Devils after plying the first seven and a half seasons of his career with the Atlanta Thrashers. He's averaged just over a point per game in his NHL career, with 409 goals and 379 assists in 779 games. Kovalchuk had 37 goals and 46 assists in 77 games for New Jersey last season.

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