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Is Tebowmania Dead? Tim Tebow Disappearing From Jets' Offense

Tim Tebow has played only 12 offensive snaps in two games, including only three Sunday against Pittsburgh.


Is Rex Ryan trying to kill Tebowmania? Tim Tebow, the New York Jets backup quarterback, center of attention, and fan and media darling played only three snaps at quarterback for the Jets on Sunday in a 27-10 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tebow's line? One carry for 22 yards. He played six snaps on special teams, twice as many as he played on offense.

What happened to the "you can never have too much Tim Tebow" philosophy of Jets' owner Woody Johnson?

Tebow refused to second-guess Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

We can, though. It's not like starter Mark Sanchez was having a great day. He had a miserable one, 10-for-27 for 138 yards and a passer rating of 66.1.

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Ryan said the fact that the Jets were behind, and Tebow, who has a difficult time hitting the broad side of a barn with his passes, doesn't throw well kept him off the field.

"As the game was going on, we were having a tough time getting off the field," Ryan said. "We did put him in there ... and he had a nice run and then we had another one with Joe and then we had a 6-yard loss. [That] kind of puts you behind the stick a little bit. ... Obviously at that time you're out of it, and then by then we're doing several points, so I think we need to throw the ball in those situations."

You know, you could almost buy that if Sanchez hadn;t had a Tebow-esque game throwing the ball.

After all the Tebow talk of the offseason and pre-season the Jets look, largely, like a traditional offense.

Tebowmania appears to be dying. And Ryan and Sparano are the executioners.