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Jets-Steelers Score Update: Pittsburgh Leads 20-10 As Jets' Offense Disappears

The New York Jets' offense has sputtered in the second half — really, ever since the Jets marched down for a touchdown in their first drive of the game — and the Jets now find themselves down, 20-10, to the Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of the third quarter.

Mark Sanchez has been as invisible as a quarterback can be. He's completed just three passes in the second half, and has looked bad all day. He's 7-17 for 102 yards and a touchdown. He's missed a few throws high, and it's a wonder he hasn't been intercepted at this point. The running game has also been nowhere to be found. Outside of a Tim Tebow 22-yard keeper, the Jets are averaging a little more than three yards per carry.

The Steelers got their touchdown on a great end zone catch by Mike Wallace, who barely got both feet in — the replay confirmed it — and Ben Roethlisberger has been surgical in his dissection of the Darrelle Revis-less Jets secondary.

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