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Derek Jeter Passes Willie Mays On All-Time Hits List -- Twitter Reaction

Derek Jeter passed Willie Mays Friday night for 10th on the all-time hits list. Here is some of the reaction from around Twitter.

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Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees got two hits Friday night, surpassing Willie Mays for 10th on the all-time hits list. Jeter now has 3,285 hits. After the game, a 6-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays that kept the Yankees tied with the Baltimore Orioles for first palce in the American League East, Jeter typically wanted to talk about the team and not himself.

That doesn't means we can't talk about. Or that the Twitter-verse won't talk about it. Here is some of what is being said about Jeter on Twitter.


#NY #MLBHISTORY Derek Jeter is the 10th all time. I'm honored to have watched him play!! #legend

- Victor Fermin

#random if i had a chance to live any athletes life for a day, it would undoubtedly be derek jeter.

- Cocky Maivia

Can ball players actually improve with age? Derek Jeter is 38 & injured, performing as if the time clock has gone in reverse.

- Cliff Wolf

Derek Jeter is the greatest shortstop of all time #respect #classact

- Nick Matteo

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