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Jets Vs. Steelers: Mike Tomlin Conference Call

After an impressive season-opening win against the Bills, the Jets now hit the road for a tough test against the Steelers in their home opener at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh is smarting from a loss to the Broncos, and will be looking to pull even and get on the board with a win. Mike Tomlin held a conference call and addressed what his team is doing to prepare for the Jets. As expected, Tim Tebow was a topic of conversation, and Tomlin said he wasn't sure what to expect from the Jets back-up quarterback and utility man, stating:

"I don't necessarily have the answer to that. That's something that they control, from a play-calling standpoint. I know that we better be prepared for more than what I saw him do in the game on Sunday. That wasn't very different from what was done in Miami with the likes of Pat White, Ronnie Brown, or others. Obviously, he's a capable passer. That's an element of it that we need to be prepared for."

Tomlin said preparing for the Wildcat look on offense is not quite the undertaking it was a couple years ago, with several teams now using it regularly. The Steelers coach said his team will be ready if Tebow lines up in the Wildcat, but "the process of preparing yourself to play it, is not as difficult as it once was, just because you get exposed to it more often than you did say four or five years ago."

Tebow got the best of the Steelers last season, knocking them out of the playoffs with that dramatic overtime win. Tomlin's team will be ready to exact a measure of revenge on Sunday, but they're not going out of their way to prepare for the multi-dimensional look the Jets can offer at quarterback.

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