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Giants Vs. Buccaneers: Tom Coughlin Looking For 'Renewed Vigor'

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has not slept much since his team lost to the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday in its season-opening game. During his press briefing on Wednesday, Coughlin made it clear he hopes he isn't the only one bothered by what took place against the Cowboys.

"None of us have slept well. I hope the whole room is full of people that didn't sleep well. That's the point," Coughlin said.

The 65-year-old coach has mellowed in recent years. Lack of sleep, a season-opening loss, and lots of questions from pesky reporters that he really did not feel much like answering had him in a foul mood during his 10-minute briefing, which was televised on MSG 2.

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What does Coughlin want from his 0-1 team this week as it prepares for the 1-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, whom they will host Sunday at 1 p.m. ET at MetLife Stadium? He made it clear:

"Energy. enthusiasm. Pride. Second game of the season. Didn't like what we saw for the most part in the first game. Renewed vigor. Vigilance. Unselfishness. Do your job. Understand. Listen. Pay attention to the details," Coughlin said.

The Buccaneers defeated Carolina, 16-10, in the debut of Greg Schiano, formerly of Rutgers, as head coach.

"They're a good team, they're a fast team," said Coughlin. "They did well in free agency, they drafted well."


- Coughlin said cornerback Prince Amukamara (high ankle sprain) "does have some issues. He's just fighting his way through."

- Offensive tackle Will Beatty (back) is not on the injury report for the first time. Coughlin said "We'll see how fast he comes." He would not promise that Beatty will return to the starting job at left tackle.

- Defensive tackle Marvin Austin (back) and linebacker Keith Rivers (hamstring) will practice, though Rivers is limited.