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Question Of The Week: How Should MLB Use Instant Replay?

On Saturday night, the New York Yankees were hosed by an egregiously bad umpire's call, which ended the game and sealed a loss. Replays showed that Mark Teixeira had clearly beaten the ball to first base -- of course, if he didn't slide, he would have gotten to the bag quicker, made things easier for the ump and may not have reinjured himself in the process, but that's another story. That play has brought back to the forefront the debate over the usage of instant replay. It's no instant panacea, though, as the NFL has proven over the decades, since referees still get things wrong even after viewing a replay, and the league changes the rules year after year. There's still the human element involved, with mistakes still made. And in baseball, if the rules of replay are changed, there's always the question of what to do with the base runners if a ruling has been changed. At any rate, what do you think MLB should do? Expand replay to include any debatable play on the field? Keep it as is? Get rid of it altogether?