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2012 London Olympics Medal Count: U.S. Vaults Into The Lead On Wednesday

American athletes won a total of 11 medals on Wednesday, including four gold medals. The hardware haul puts the United States in the lead for the overall medal count at the 2012 Summer Olympics, with just a few days left at the games.

The following list is an overview of the American medal wins on Wednesday:


Women's beach volleyball: Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh Jenning
Men's 110-meter hurdles: Aries Merritt
Women's long jump: Brittney Reese
Women's track, 200-meters: Allison Felix


Women's beach volleyball: April Ross, Jen Kessy
Women's 400-meter hurdles: Lashinda Demus
Men's 110-meter hurdles: Jason Richardson


Women's long jump: Janay DeLoach
Women's boxing: Marlen Esparza
Women's 200-meter track: Carmelita Jeter
Women's freestyle wrestling: Clarissa Chun

Here is the current top five of the Olympic medal standings:

United States, 81 (34 gold, 22 silver, 25 bronze)
China, 77 (36, 22, 19)
Russia, 52 (11, 19, 22)
Russia, 48 (22, 13, 13)
Germany, 32 (7, 15, 10)

A complete look at the medal count standing is available from Sports Illustrated.