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New York Jets Training Camp: Preseason Is Here

The New York Jets travel to Ohio to face the Cincinnati Bengals in their first preseason game of 2012. Coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday that he is "excited to see how we play against Cincinnati."

"That’s going to be a great test," ryan said. "Cincinnati is a playoff team with a lot of young talent and Marvin (Lewis) does a great job over there, so I think that’s going to be a good test for us."

Ryan indicated that starters would play roughly the first quarter.

"We could extend that or some could get less. You generally don’t want to extend your defense or some guys more than 15 plays, as a rough number," Ryan said. "Again, we’ll see how it goes, but generally that’s the plan."

Ryan said that wide receiver Santonio Holmes (rib), Jeremy Kerley and Sione Puha won't play against the Bengals.

"I am excited to be looking at all of the guys. It is a new offense for us so I am excited to see where that is right now, where we are at; also with the defense," Ryan said. "I hate to say that I am singling out this person or that person because I am really excited to see them all play."