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U.S. Fighter Nick Delpopolo Says Positive Drug Test Not His Fault

The United States has had its recent problems with drug violations in sports, usually due to steroid use.

However, that isn't the case with U.S. judo competitor Nick Delpopolo. The Westfield, NJ, native did fail his drug test, but it was due to cannabis that he claims he wasn't aware of being baked into his food, according to Wayne Drehs of ESPN.

According to the Daily Mail, the IOC released the following statement:

'The International Olympic Committee today announced that it has disqualified American judoka Nicholas Delpopolo from the men's 73kg judo event of the Games of the XXX Olumpiad in London.'

If Delpopolo remains banned from the games due to the positive test, it would be a black eye for the U.S. in an Olympics thus far without any hitches from the American standpoint.

Delpopolo's disqualification would take him out of the judo 73kg class, an area where he finished seventh in London.

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