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Tyler Sash Loses Appeal For Adderall Suspension

Tyler Sash will miss the season's first four games due to the league's performance-enhancing drugs policy after his appeal was denied.

Sash says he tested positive for the prescription drug Adderall. The Giants' second-year safety had hoped his suspension would be lifted or reduced after two cases featuring the same medicine saw punishments lessened: Giants running back Andre Brown had his suspension lifted and Texans punter Brett Hartmann's was dropped to three games. But a visit to league commissioner Roger Goodell was of no use, and the suspension remained.

Sash tested positive in July, but has claimed that his usage of the drug was completely legal and wanted explanation why his case deserved the four-game ban handed down by the league in July. However, there was no luck for the former sixth-round pick, who is expected to back up Kenny Phillips at strong safety.

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