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Madden 13 Review From Sports Illustrated

If you love the Madden NFL video game series, you know by now that Madden 13 is available on Tuesday. Sports Illustrated has posted a review of the game.

The folks from SI are impressed, giving it a 10 out of 10 rating:

"The great news for football fans is that this year's edition is about as complete an experience as fans could ask for, with a wide variety of play tweaks, graphical and physics improvements that make it the best Madden of this console generation. ... Madden 13 really is the best version of the game in years, maybe ever, and the new innovations don't just make the game more realistic -- they make it more fun."

Some NFL rookies recently took at stab at figuring out what their Madden ratings should be. Needless to say, the rooks had an inflated opinion of what their scores would be in the game itself.

Madden NFL 13: NFL Rookies Review and Predict Their Player Ratings, Are Way Off (via sbnation)