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New York Jets Injury Updates: Dustin Keller Expected To Play Week 1, Josh Baker Likely Done For Season

The New York Jets received news about their two injured tight ends, Dustin Keller and Josh Baker, on Monday. Some of the news was good, while the rest proabably isn't.

Keller, who projects to be the starting tight end for the Jets this season, is expected to be ready for the season opener against the Bills. He injured his hamstring early in Sunday's preseason matchup with the Panthers and it was believed he may need an MRI to determine the severity of the injury. Fortunately for Keller and the Jets, he is feeling better and doesn't believe his hamstring will hold him back.

As for Baker, he could miss the rest of the year with an ACL injury. Baker was hit in right knee area with a helmet on Sunday, which took him down to the ground. He hobbled off the field and already had major swelling in the area. Baker and the Jets will hold out hope until the MRI results come back, but a waiver release is looking likely at this point.

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