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New York Giants Injury Updates: Tom Coughlin Updates On Hakeem Nicks, Prince Amukamara Injuries

The New York Giants are busy preparing for their final preseason game with the Patriots, as well as the regular season opener with the Cowboys that is a little more than a week away. The Giants have been banged up a bit in training camp with injuries, especially to those players on the defensive side of the ball.

Head coach Tom Coughlin addressed the media on Monday and discussed the numerous players the team was looking to get healthy in the coming days. Here are some of the highlights.

All quotes are courtesy of SB Nation's Giants blog, Big Blue View.

Q: Is Hakeem Nicks playing in the last preseason game?

Coughlin: We'll see. I'm going to check. We were scheduled to go outside (practice was moved indoors due to rain) as you know, and right at the time of practice we got the storm, so we came in here, and if he did well in here, then I would feel pretty good.

Q: Where was Justin Tuck?

Coughlin: Those guys all made the trip over to HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery). They had various appointments with Dr. Warren over there, so this was the day to do that.

Q: What was Tuck's issue?

Coughlin: Shoulder. It's just a precautionary test to see exactly where he's at, and what needs to be done, so he's ready to go for the season.

Q: Any news on Prince Amukamara?

Coughlin: (shakes head) He was hobbling around without the boot today.

Q: You mentioned the injuries at the cornerback position. Here you are without Canty, Austin, Pierre-Paul, Tuck ... Is this something that's a worry for you on the frontline too?

Coughlin: If you're talking about tomorrow, that's one thing. But if you're talking about Wednesday, that's one thing. If you're talking about next week, I feel obviously a lot better.

Q: Do you feel like most of these guys are going to be back in time?

Coughlin: You can't lump them all together. You've got to take them one at a time and try to assess where they all are. Do I expect the three ends back? Yeah, I do. Do I expect Marvin Austin? I don't know about that one. Everyday, I want to know more and more about that and it starts going one way and then there's a little issue.

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