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Derek Jeter Beaning: Yankees Captain Angry, But Unhurt

Yankees captain Derek Jeter was relieved to be okay after taking a 92 mph Corey Kluber fastball off the head in the top of the second inning on Friday night against the Cleveland Indians.

When asked if it hurt, Jeter sarcastically replied, "No, it felt good. Of course it hurt. You get hit with a 90-something mile per hour fastball, it's going to hurt. There's no problem, so I'm fine."

Jeter admitted to being angry, but didn't see any reason why Kluber would have hit him on purpose. Perhaps in retaliation, Yanks pitcher CC Sabathia threw a fastball behind Asdrubal Cabrera in the fourth inning.

The ball cracked Jeter's helmet in two places and gave Yankees fans a good scare. But Jeter insisted on remaining in game, going 2-4 on the night.

The pitcher, Corey Kluber, was making his fifth career start -- and first against the Yankees.

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