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NHL Labor Dispute: On-Time Start To Season Looking Doubtful

The NHL and NHLPA went through a 90-minute negotiation on Thursday and it appears they are no closer to a new collective bargaining agreement, according to Jesse Spector of the Sporting News.

The main point in contention is player salaries. The NHL and its owners believe that the salaries need to drop in order to keep the league profitable. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman stated just that earlier this month:

On Aug. 9, after a negotiation session in New York, the commissioner said, "The fundamental proposal - our initial proposal - relates to the fact that we need to be paying out less in player costs.

This will obviously be a tough point on which to compromise as hockey players, or anyone really, do not want to be paid less while doing the same job. With the season so close, it would appear that the two sides will have to cover a lot of ground to avoid missing some of the schedule. The two sides meet again on Tuesday

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