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Brooklyn Nets Could Win A Title? Well, Players Say They Can

Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez have each been quoted recently saying that the Brooklyn Nets want to win the NBA title. During the upcoming season. No, that isn't a joke.

Here is Johnson, in an interview:

"That’s what we are shooting for — the ring. There’s no need to sell ourselves short. You talk about gelling and figuring it out, and I think we have the perfect pieces: a great point guard, a great center."

Here is that center, Lopez, on the subject of winning a title:

"Obviously our main goal is no question the NBA championship. I think it is realistic for us. We’re already a good playoff team so with the addition of other pieces, we can target the ring,"

Thing is, these guys are not joking. The Nets are not going to win an NBA title during the upcoming season, but they certainly are going to be a good, entertaining basketball team.

If you are fan of the Nets, or if you are just looking forward to watching the Nets and New York Knicks compete to be the best basketball team in the city, you should be thrilled that Nets players can talk about this and not be laughed at.

By the way, the SI interview with Johnson is incredibly entertaining. Johnson talks about trading himself from the Atlanta Hawks to the Nets in NBA 2K as soon as he found out he had been traded, trying to find a place to live in New York City, and more.

-- 'Kudos' to ProBasketballTalk for the find